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The power of Vitamin C

Lately we have seen a huge rise in the awareness of the benefit Vitamin C has to our health, and subsequently has become an essential part of our diet – and beauty routine!

Many of us associate eating lots of fruit and vegetables to help increase our Vitamin C consumption and keep that dreaded lurgey away. Some believe that if they increase their vitamin c intake during a cold, this will help shorten the duration of illness. However, research shows that consistency is King and regular intake of this essential vitamin will keep our immune system strong and actually prevent illness occurring in the first place.

Our bodies, unfortunately does not produce vitamin c naturally on its own and it is the first nutrient to deplete whenever we experience stress. Most of us have less than 200gms per day whilst doctors advise an absolute minimum of 60gms to prevent disease.

Anti Ageing!!

Vitamin C is responsible for the production of Collagen in your skin, think of this as internal scaffolding! This anti-ageing powerhouse keeps skin tight, bright and plumped whilst preventing fine lines and wrinkles over time. After the age of 25, natural collagen decreases at approximately 1% every year thereafter, resulting in a less plumped appearance. Vitamin C will also contribute to evening out your skin tone and reducing pigmentation for a brighter, more youthful complexion.

Whilst eating a healthy diet full of fruit & veg is great, for best results, supporting with a supplement will accelerate results. Surprisingly, up to 57% of vitamin c is lost from crops after harvesting and by the time the food reaches our plate – So even more reason to top up with more of this beauty boosting nutrient!

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